Grainline same direction in layout

Hi :slight_smile: Is there a way I can make all the grainlines from my patterns in layout mode go the same direction?, I’ve already tried: checking “forbid flipping” from each pattern and also from the general preferences. But some of them don’t change.

Also, I wonder if there is a way I can reduce blank spaces. I’m planning to make some shirts industrially, so it will be ideal to reduce wastes when cutting over fabric


I think this is another example of confusing terminology. The layout mode is about printing out your patterns, not the layout on the fabric for cutting purposes. Fabric layout can depend on things that Seamly doesn’t know about, so it’s a bit tricky, though it would be a useful feature.

(I’m also not convinced the laying out of the pieces on the paper is optimal either but that’s another question!)

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Yeah sewing terminology isn’t like engineering terminology. In sewing, there are a lot of “overloaded” terms, where one word can have several different meanings. This is why translations are difficult.

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