Grainline showing straight and cross grain

Hi, I have a waistband pattern piece that can be placed either on the straight and on the cross grain, however it seems I can only put one grainline on the pattern. Did I miss how to add a second grainline? I don’t mean the arrow on both sides but two grainline. Any help us much appreciated :blush:

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Hi, @Evica At this point in time, you can only place 1 grainline per pattern piece.

However, you could create a 2nd pattern piece of the waistband that has the grainline in a different direction, if you wish :slight_smile:

@Grace could you add this as a new issue in github. Just a description to add additional markings on the pattern piece should cover it. thank you


Going through the list of issues, and since grainlines are fresh on my mind - This would happen to be this issue:

I would have to say having multiple grainlines is not a good idea. Future layout options will be based on the grainline orientation, and if there are more than one grainlines it creates a dilemma as to which to choose… complicated by how many multiples there are. Plus typically the way pattern apps handle grainline orientation is by setting a permissible layout rotation of none, 45, 90, or 180, where the automatic layout generator is allowed to follow what the setting allows.

As far as printing multiple grainlines on a pattern piece… the way to handle that is including a grainline symbol to a future symbol tool. That way you would set the grainline straight on the grain, and add a grainline symbol cross grain. Only the grainline would be used in piece orientation in a layout. Keeps it simple.


I totally agree. It didn’t make sense to me at the time.

I understand the reasoning to mark a piece if it can go either direction, it just doesn’t work in the digital context of creating layouts / markers. I’m just trying to identify issues that we may deem useless and thus close them. That’s my goal for the next 6 months or so - reduce the length of the issues list…at least the ones I created. LOL