As for now, the edition of a group-tool is very limited (basically create, rename and delete). You can’t add an object afterwards or remove one.

We want to add new functionalities to make the group editing easier. For that we have created an issue on git:

If you have other ideas of additional functions that could enhance the handling of the groups, feel free to share them here.

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can you add one or more groups to a new group? is this a useful feature? (she said as her parting question before boarding a ship and not opting to pay for internet for two months)

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Hmmm… nesting groups. Could be interesting. For ex… you could have a Top Pocket and a Bottom Pocket group, both of which are included in a Pocket group… where you could turn off ( top OR bottom) OR both pockets.

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Some things come to mind:

  1. Rename ‘groups’ to ‘pattern components’ (or w/e) to make it more clear what they are. ‘Groups’ is FAR too generic.
  2. Have nested folders of ‘pattern components’ as part of a library, separate from the pattern they were created in. That way, you could use components in new patterns without having to redo the whole thing.
  3. Allow nested components. (i.e. components can contain other components, as well as other objects.)
  4. Allow placing components using a pivot (i.e. anchor) point, X/Y scale, and rotation, all of which use formulas.
  5. Allow using multiple libraries for a project, as well as having the ability to merge libraries or create new libraries from a subset of an existing library.
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None of this has anything to do with groups. Groups are simply to group elements together to turn the visibility on or off.

In addition keeping the name Group (s) is totally consistent with established programs such as CorelDraw where you group elements or layers.

Groups is fairly common usage. I like it.

@KeithFromCanada, Maybe you should add your comments to discussions about the pattern library (which would be the way users will visually organize their patterns on their local harddrive – the pattern library is NOT the pattern share). Also add the comments about joining groups to posts about the Union tool. That way they’re not lost in the middle of this post about Groups

:man_facepalming: Ironically, you’ve both just proved my first point; I completely misunderstood the purpose for ‘groups’ in this context, and if I can, others can as well. Perhaps a solution would be to call them ‘element visibility groups’ or something, to differentiate them from other types of groups.

I guess I am one of those others as well :blush: From LibreOffice Draw I know groups as groups of things (maybe element is also different) like points and lines and curves which, grouped, can be moved, rotated, sized and so on. I am missing that - just take a dart, copy it an place it somewhere else (yes, I know, I can mark the points and move, but then the points are connected to the original ones and I can’t give them a different color).

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Just a note… currently the docker is labeled Group… I would change it to Groups.

For one there is only one Group tool. No need to differentiate from other type of groups. Also the Group(s) are located in a sizable dockWidget, and can be made to hide in a tab… ‘element visibility groups’ would not make for a very descriptive Tab label or floating dockWidget Window title when sized down.

The clue to what Grouping does is the use of conventional ‘eye’ icon. Like either you see it or not. Also pay attention to the rollover tool tip(s) and the status bar.

With that said, I can see the Group(s) tool useful for other things where you want to group elements and apply same options - such as line color & style.






So, if I understand it right, you have to mark xy points to make them invisible (btw, I know that eye-thingy from gimp, used with layers - you can make layers invisible) in order to mark then z other points and move/rotate them instead of just mark xy points and move/rotate them? Well, I guess it can be done like this :pensive:


Thanks for describing this usability issue.

Currently we’re addressing build issues, but will soon return to code improvements to take care of usability concerns.

Thanks for your patience, the behavior of the Group feature is a priority.

I wouldn’t call it an issue :slight_smile: It would just be really cool to have, but I can survive without.

I think an issue would be more the behaviour when I suspend my computer. Every time I suspend it, working on ubuntustudio 16.04, Valentina crashes. It’s not that bad as Valentina saves very often (and I do, to :)) so the work is saved, I just think it’s not like it is thought by the developers of linux/ubuntu :slight_smile:

As Ubuntu asked for sending a report I guess you will get notice about it? If not, I’ll copy the report next time it happens if you’d like to have it.

But else, I really love the possibility to just alter some numbers and the whole pattern fits a different size :clap: e cu Monika

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Right now the individual measurement feature works. Could you create an individual measurement file for each size? Then in your pattern just open the measurement file for that size so that the pattern will auto-adjust to that size?

That’s exactly what I am loving so much :slight_smile: I just create different measurement files et voilà, there is a new sized pattern. Sorry if I made that not clear :blush: