Group tool in version 2023.04.10.212

Hallo, I just updated my Seamly2D to the latest version (windows) and now can use the group manager with the new possibilities in handling already existing groups. My greatest thank for this!

But now I can’t create new groups anymore. Having selected the desired points and use enter for creating the new group, the small window “add to group” appears.

  • Using a pattern without any already existing group the drop down is greyed out and I can’t give a name to it. Then - after clicking ok - it says “group is locked. Unlock to add objects”

  • Using a pattern with already existing groups, the drop down only shows the names of the existing groups and I can add the points to these existing groups but I don’t have the possibility to create a new one.

Is my handling wrong or is it still a small bug?

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Hmmm… yes, I’m having the same problems. No option to create a new group and can only select adding bits to existing groups. In the group manager, I only get the option to rename or delete a group.

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Hola. Tambien tenia ese problema pero despues logre saber como se hace. espero que estas imagenes te ayuden.

Hello. I also had that problem but later I managed to find out how to do it. I hope these images help you.

Antes de seleccionar la Herramienta de crear grupos, vas a Group Manager y donde le marco con una flecha en la imagen , agrega una lista o nuevo grupo. (Uso windows y tengo la ultima version de seamly2d)

Before selecting the Tool to create groups, you go to the Group Manager and where I show you the arrow in the image, add a list or new group. (I use windows and I have the latest version of seamly2d)

agregar nuevo grupo

Despues le das un nombre. Este nombre lo puedes editar despues.

Then you give it a name. This name can be edited later.

ponerle un nombre

ya se crea la primera lista o el primer grupo, que todavia no tiene elementos o puntos.

The first list or the first group has already been created, which still does not have elements or points.

lista creada

Despues selecciona en su patron los puntos que desea crear en un grupo y despues de dar ENTER le sale esta ventana, donde seleciona en que lista o grupo creado previamente los va a poner.

Then select in your pattern the points you want to create in a group and press ENTER, this window appears, where you select the list or previously created group you are going to put them in.

y ya tiene su grupo creado con diferentes opciones.

and you already have your group created with different options

Me encanta como esta diseñada ahora esta funcion de grupos. Incluso si se le olvido seleccionar un punto lo puede agregar sin problema sin nececidad de empezar todo de nuevo. Tambien puede cambiar puntos de un una lista a otra, o poner un punto en listas difentes a la vez .

I love how this group function is designed now. Even if you forgot to select a point you can easily add it without having to start all over again. You can also change points from one list to another, or put a point in different lists at the same time.

Espero que esto ayude. Hope this helps.

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Hola Grace.

Es que la ventana no lo dice, por lo menos a mi no me sale. (uso el sistema operativo window) Despues de mucho tropezar, di con la solucion. Si pones el cursor del raton encima de ese recuadro que me aparece en blanco en la ventana de Group Manager es que te dice para que es.

Hello Grace.

It’s just that the window doesn’t say it, at least it doesn’t work for me. (I use the window operating system) After a lot of stumbling, I found the solution. If you put the mouse cursor over that box that appears blank in the Group Manager window, it tells you what it is for.

agregar nuevo grupo


Oh, wow! @Damay, thank you very much! I also work on Windows and saw only a gap there. I thought it was reserved for future use :rofl:


I will go & experiment further :grin: Once again, thank you very much!


Hallo Damay, Thanks a lot for your help. Now it works for me, too. I totally overviewed this field in the group manager although I played around a lot with the new tools. The new group-handling makes such an easy workflow now! Thanks again to the programmer for it.


Buen día por favor ¿cómo descargo la última versión de SEAMLY2D que mencionan?. Quedo atenta. Muchas gracias.


El enlace de descarga se encuentra en la parte superior de la página. Este es el enlace para Windows.

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Don’t know how the icon disappeared… turns our it’s a “case” thing in the icon name. Somehow the “.png” in the code got changed to “.PNG” and it can’t the icon is not found when building. Fix is on it’s way. :slight_smile:



Muchas gracias @Douglas. Tan eficiente como siempre. No lo comente antes porque pense que era para algo en el futuro ese espacio. Gracias por hacernos las cosas mas faciles.

Thank you very much @Douglas. As efficient as ever. I didn’t comment before because I thought that space was for something in the future. Thanks for making things easier for us.


No problem. I just uploaded the fix and created a PR… should be in the build. Not sure how the extension in the name in the code switched to upper case, as the widget form is handled in Creator. The file name itself is correct.

UPDATE: The PR has already been merged. :slight_smile:


Speaking of “future” use. Now that the updated Groups are in place the next step is be alble to assign some newly created tools to a group in the tool dialog when you create them, as well as assigning the tool’s color, line type & line weight as the “group” pen. So the idea would be you can set the current pen style in the Pen toolbar to a given group & pen style… and as you create a new tools, they would automatically default to a given group & pen.

Also the idea in the future is to have a given presets of Group’s - semantically colored and styled - so in a shared environment of patterns we can have a “standardized” preset of groups.


Just another note:

To add or remove an object to / from a group you can use the context menu:



I spent some time yesterday sorting out my groups that had become a muddied mess because I couldn’t find the + and I must say that I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you very much :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :smile:

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Sorry about the missing + icon. Not sure how the couple references to the icon png file switched the ext to upper case which caused the file to not be found.

Anyhow… That’s where using “move” item in the context menu in the group Objects List can be handy. You can use it to reorganize groups without having to remove from one group and add to another.


Hee-hee, I saw that. I was so very happy that it’s there. Thank you very, very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: