GUI Improvements

Anyone have any ideas or wishes for improvement to the GUI?

I’ve already created a couple GUI improvement issues on Github:

Something else that I came across while screen capping my DAW program… selecting the language from a menu - does this seem like a useful menu item?



It would be nice to print the History in the draw mode. That is helpful sometimes when attempting to trace where you are during a complicated pattern construction.


Great idea. I could add a “Print” button in the Dialog.

Could also add a “Copy to Clipboard” if that would be useful to paste the history somewhere else?


I also created this issue on Github to add a new Tools menu and various tool Toolbars.


Hi again, @Douglas As I said in the other post, your ideas are amazing. Thank you very much for sharing them with us.

  1. I’m pretty neutral on the Utilities menu.
  2. Improve Zoom Features… Ummm, yeah, pretty neutral here to, I wheel in & out at will, according to what I want to inspect, so I very seldom use this. However, there is something related that would be amazing if you could fix it for me :grin:, and that’s the speed with which the items in the Layout zip around when dragging them. If one could, somehow, slow that down… :sunglasses:
  3. The language as a separate menu item… I think, mostly, the language should stay under the preferences. It’s only for us who help on the forum that it sometimes becomes something that one would change after setting up, and after my surprise with Arabic (or something), even I’m pretty careful with it now :crazy_face: So best we keep it hidden.
  4. Print History… Yes, that would be really handy, Thank you for thinking of it, @AnnaFields
  5. Add Tools menu & toolbars… I’m waiting patiently… Each week I check to see if they’re in the new upgrade… LOL, yes, I’d also like that feature you mentioned about adding items to groups while you work. This one will be a huge time saver.

Here are few things that I would really like… If they’re at all possible:

  1. SeamlyMe: A code field in the measurements list and in the export to .csv.
  2. SeamlyMe: We have the option, under Measurements, to import the codes used from a pattern… Is it possible to create an Import from .csv as well? (Including the values?) - Both for .vit & .vst.
  3. SeamlyMe: This one is, perhaps, flying high :grin: but how about a feature that would create a .vit from a certain size in .vst? For instance, if my customer have a bust size 36, but some of her other measurements are quite different… Then I could export all the measurements for size 36 to a .vit and just change the ones that need changing. Would this be possible?
  4. SeamlyMe & Seamly2D: Sizes… (This one’s a biggie… It’s been a thorn forever.) As far as I can establish, the changing of sizes are only numbers that are used to change the Size value according to whichever base value and increment is used. So the actual size number has no ‘hidden’ formula other than what would be done on a calculator. As far as I can see, there are 3 main sizing authorities widely used - USA, UK & EU but we only cater for EU, at the moment. Is it at all possible to either have the numbers start at 0 going in increments of 2 upwards? Or have some sort of preference that one could set? (Same with Height to cater for those making doll patterns.)
  5. Seamly2D: I still think that the Layout and Printing (or Cutting) needs some TLC to get it more flexible. For one… I think that to go from the Layout board to the File menu to actually print or export could all be done in the Layout board, where it will be the logical place to look for this option. And then, having the ability to tweak the placement of the items on the paper/fabric after the program has done its bit, would really help.

Haha, I think this is enough for everyone to chew over for now :grin: (And perhaps, off topic. Sorry about that.) :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Ok, I’ve been giving this some serious consideration… And I think that the best way to go about this is to have choice option in the preferences. The reason being that I went & scouted the internet on all the different garment sizes and it seems that there are as many as there are countries. If we use even numbers, it will exclude some countries that use odd numbers. If we use all the numbers, it will throw out the incrementing. So I’m thinking that if we choose which sizing set we prefer, like we choose the language, then we should be safe? :heart_eyes:

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Regarding zoom features.

IMO “Zoom fit best” (“Zoom to fit” or whatever) should zoom to the “Pattern piece” (workpiece) being worked on, not the entire train of workpieces involved in the pattern, as it does now.

I feel like that list of options is too long, at least as long as the toolbars aren’t customizable, but can’t say that any of them are less important. Like @Grace I use the scroll-wheel to zoom around, which I haven’t always had a scroll-wheel, though I guess at his point they’re fairly ubiquitous. so the main zoom I want is “zoom to fit” (workpiece).


While working on the wiki recently, I discovered using the Details screen to make a custom layout. (“Tools for creating details.” on the bottom right of the Details toolbox.) Which lacks the ability to split it onto letter sized paper :cry: But, (especially if it were possible to rotate the pieces on that screen,) should work nicely for projecting the pattern instead of pinning it to the cutting board. As soon as I get my sewing room decluttered :sob: I plan to get a cheap projector to try that out.


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Yes, I’ve been working with this a lot, and I also feel that if one could also rotate the pieces there and export to tiled PDF, SVG, DXF, etc. it could replace the Layout completely, leaving us with only 2 boards instead of 3. (I did mention it somewhere.) At the moment, it only exports to .svg.

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Over here in Linux it exports in SVG, PDF, DS, EPS, & PNG. It claims to do DXF, but some of the DXF variants don’t produce working files. But we had a thread about that recently, so I should probably post my findings over there, once I get off my day-job.

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Thank you, @Pneumarian. I’m going to check that out now :slight_smile:

I think I may have the fix for that… I think the case you’re referring to is when in piece (detail) mode and you go to drag a piece and it zips way off the screen… correct? Although doesn’t it do a similar thing when you try and drag a point label around in draft mode - like when zoomed way in?

I will though be adding a few new prefs that control the speed of the wheel and the scroll bars.

I’m also adding a pref setting that flips the use of the Ctrl when using the wheel… most graphics programs DO NOT use Ctrl - Wheel to zoom, so for those like me you’ll be able to use the wheel on it’s own without needing the key modifier.

You’ll might find the Zoom to Selected Area via rubberbanding useful.

Oh… and I forgot you’ll be able to Zoom to Fit by double clicking… at least in draft mode. I can probably get the double click to work in piece mode too to “zoom to fit” a piece.

And since it’s pan & zoom related, I may as well add the gesture control for touchscreens. Back when, I mistakenly added it on my fork thinking the Qt gesture stuff controlled a trackpad on a laptop - doh. Since I didn’t have a touch screen at the time I couldn’t test it. Now I can with my new laptop. :slight_smile:


Both of these seem relatively straightforward to do. I say “relatively” when compared to adding tools and what not in Seamly2D.

I know this would be a useful feature at my shop - we are increasingly getting measurements for shows in Execl format.

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Well, eventually every feature has a GUI associated with it… so nothing’s that off topic. :slight_smile:

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Regarding this bit:

Since this is exactly right, & the switch has to happen sometime, & switching “pattern piece” & “work piece” in the wiki is going to be a pain, -I think it would be better to rip that bandaid off sooner rather than later. The more the Seamly environment develops, the worse it’s going to be to fix that irregularity.

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Wow! nice :grinning: very nice!

Wow! that will be handy. I just plug a mouse into my laptop & go with it. Only when I’m away do I use the touch pad, but I have a touch screen on my wishlist :blush:

I love the changes you are making. Thank you very much :star_struck:

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Oh, I will be eternally grateful if you can add these. They’re things I’ve missed since I started using Seamly2D. :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Yes, I agree. Let’s keep it proper and the sooner the better. :grin:

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yes, please. This feature would be useful


Agreed. My position is certain changes need to be made - especially where incorrect industry terminology and style guidelines are used - to be taken seriously. Just need to polish the rough edges.


Encore de supers nouveautés. Pour l’ajout du menu utilitaire la calculatrice peut effectivement être utile même si la fonction formule permet aussi de faire des calculs automatiques. Pour le graphique décimal, je ne comprends pas vraiment l’utilité mais je ne suis pas une spécialiste !! Pour l’extension de la fonction zoom, une petite question le “pan zoom” permettra-t-il de voir l’ensemble des pièces créées ? J’ai en effet souvent cherché des pièces qui étaient parties se promener, je ne sais où ni pourquoi. Si c’est bien cette fonction qui sera permise alors un grand OUI. Concernant le menu Outil, je suis un peu réservée. Je trouve que le système actuel est beaucoup plus claire pour les novices comme moi. Mais il faut voir à l’usage, il est probable qu’avec un peu plus d’expérience, ce soit finalement plus pratique. Sur d’éventuelles améliorations de l’interface graphique, je n’ai pas suffisamment de recul pour pouvoir en faire. Enfin une question certainement bête, comment est-il possible d’accéder à la version en cours de modification. J’avoue que ça m’intéresserait. A bientôt