Halt of program after aborting point name change

  1. Change point name
  2. Seamly asks to fix formulas that reference the point with new name
  3. clicking cancel in the dialog blocks Seamly (not crash)
  4. only thing to do is close and reopen file, losing changes.

please see video here:


When I change a point name I also fix the formulas asked for. It is quite straight forward. This works almost always for me. Do not forget to save your file ubder a different name befor, just in case.

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It’s because the point you are changing is being used in formulas, and by changing the name you are pulling the carpet out from underneath so to speak.

Over time you will learn to plan out a draft before starting it. You’re going through the learning curve of some of the quirks due to the linear nature of the app. Point names are just part of it. Try to name them from the start and not rely on renaming them later.