Hello, first welcome and theme question

Hello, I’m starting to play with the design. Program downloaded, here we go.

First of all, please help me how to change the graphic theme in the application to bright? If someone can add a screenshot, I would be very grateful.


Welcome mrt…

That’s going to be a Mac system setting, as currently Seamly2D / Me don’t support darkmode.

Maybe one of our Mac users can help direct you to where that setting may be.

Please feel free to ask questions if and when you get stuck. Seamly has it’s idosyncracies compared to other CAD and drawing applications - which mainly arise due to the use of the ME measurement files and formulas that define each tool. It’s what makes drafting one pattern and using any number of custom measurents to automatically adjust the pattern work.


You can change dark to light mode in mac from System settings → Appearance

Here is Apple guide, how to chance dark mode:


@Douglas @03Pencil Thank you very much, changing the operating system helped.


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