Hello, I need urgent help with fixing my Seamly2D file. Whenever it opens I receive a parsing error like the one in the image. Here’s a copy of my file. Thank you so much. Mod gom.val (100.6 KB)

Welcome to the Seamly forum, I’m sorry that it had to be this way!

I edited out the XML pertaining to path id 872, so that internal path no longer exists, I think it somehow got stuck in the wrong part of the file. Redoing it ought to work fine. Here’s your working file:

Mod gom.val (100.3 KB)

P.S. Although it was handy not to need a measurement file in this instance, you’ll find Seamly to be a lot more powerful/flexible when you integrate measurements via SeamlyMe.



That… or a piece that had the internal path was deleted without deleting the internal path first. I have confirmed this with a pattern I was working on. If you just delete a piece, it leaves any internal paths “in use” in the modeling section, and thus when the pattern is parsed it’s looking for the path, but it’s not there, only the in use reference to it.

I basically know where to look to fix the issue (when I get a chance) I can confirm, but that’s not to say there’s not an additional issue causing an internal path to be in limbo. Basucally the in use tag needs to be cleared, along with it’s internal path when a piece is deleted… or as the case may be to set it to inuse = false.


Thank you so much for fixing my file, I was worrying so much. I will look into using SeamlyMe for my future work and creating another backup save file after doing research on the forum. While it wasn’t under the best circumstances joining the forum has been great for learning. Especially with your expertise in your posts. I’d like to thank you again for this.

-Hiko :sweat_smile:


I feel like I most definitely did that, oops, and will make sure to never do it again. Thank you so much for replying so swiftly and clarifying on what caused the problem.

-Hiko :grin:



I am having the same issue, is there any chance you can take a look at my file for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The error im getting is: Parser error: Unexpected end of expression at position 22. Program will be terminated.

Body Block.val (13.9 KB)

Thanks so much!


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