HG tags removed, merged to 'develop'

Hey developers, The mercurial hooks have been removed from the code. I had about 24 hours of downtime, all of which I spent on finishing the github move.

I cloned the repo locally, made a ‘git_tags’ branch, then converted the hg variables to read git values, and renamed them to start with ‘GIT’.
I built the git_tags branch in Qt, then ran the application. Then I pushed my branch to github, and merged the changes into the develop branch.

Then as a test I did ‘git pull develop’ to get all the latest merges, etc. Then built ‘develop’ in Qt. It’s compiling right now, seems ok. If no issues come up, I’ll add my changes to the Changelog.txt file, and delete the git_tags branch.

This may not be the optimal “gitflow” workflow we’ve discussed, but it’s done. Way happy about that. No more mercurial. woot.