History - Export and Print

Seamly2D provides a history display.

That display window needs to be resizable and scrollable.

There needs to be an option to print the history.

The history needs to be exportable to a file. Discussion is invited on the format for that file. @MrDoo, @Grace @slspencer - others with input are invited to discuss this here.

An API may need to be created to define the interface to the history and expand the usability between seamly.cloud and Seamly2D

I created an issue 191 on github to address the resize and scrolling of the window. A separate issue will be created once the interface and/or API is resolved

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This is way above my fireplace :frowning: As far as I can see, the history is already exported to a file. It’s called the .val file. There are other things in that file, as well, so I think we need to have a better idea of what it is that you are wanting to do. Is this to be exported and imported elsewhere - like on the internet? Or are you thinking along the lined of importing a portion of one pattern into another pattern - like a collar or sleeve?

I was thinking of creating a hard copy of the history showing the order things were created. Many times I have wished for this when editing a pattern. The idea of a file comes from the fact that there is a separate editing tool on seamly cloud that will allow one to re-order items in the history

It is possible that a separate file other than the .val file is not required. I still see use for the hard copy, or else decouple the window so that you can display the history and go back to the draw mode and make changes. This method could lead to complications with keeping the history updated after each change.

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Hmmm, if you need a hard copy, one could open the .val file in a text editor & print it.

I think, what may prove to be handy is something that will connect the connections. For instance, if you clicked on a node, it will take you to the line in the history and vice versa, if you clicked on a line in the history, it will highlight the node.

And, at the same time, once a node is selected on the drawing board, all other references to that node should be highlighted to make them more visible, enabling a person to see which lines in the history are derived from this node or where the node is used in a formula.

I’ll have to check this out a bit more on Seamly Cloud, but straight off, I don’t see how this can be done in Seamly2D since everything on each drawing board relies on a previously created object for its very existence.

I stand by the issue I created on github to allow the window to be resized and have a scrollbar. At least on my (ubuntu) version, I see less than the full contents of the history and have no way to expand the window or scroll to see it

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