How Create a perpendicular line between two lines at a particular distance


i am happy with the efforts and the helpful ness of the forum. there are a few specific issue which i am not able to explain

a Line Perpendicular from A22 to A21 bisecting A28 to A29 at a specific measurement

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Hello & welcome to the Seamly2D forum, @mrl

I’m not 100% sure of what you want to do, but here I’ve created a perpendicular line from A29 to meet the line between A21 & A22 using the Intersect Line and Axis tool:

First select the nodes that create the line that you want the new node to appear on, and then select the axis point node.

To get the 90° angle off the Line A21 to A22, I used the line angle plus 90°, as you can see in the formula. I think this tool may be the one that you need for this exercise :slight_smile:

Hello thnksa for the reply the Size of the perpendicular line as to be Hip Round/4

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Hi again, @mrl

Another tool that you can use is the Point on Perpendicular tool, but you will need to place a point first and then use the tool from that point: