How do I use measurements?

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Hi @arorah2001, welcome to Seamly!

From your description, it sounds like you’ve made a measurement file, but not a pattern file. You can find a rather outdated, but still usable tutorial for how to draft a shirt here: Tutorial for making a simple shirt (test) - Seamly

There are also several patterns already drafted & free to use if you make an account on the pattern-cloud here:

I hope this helps!


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There is also a bunch of patterns in the source code which one can download from Github. They’re located in: Seamly2D/src/app/share/collection/. Not sure why we don’t bundle a few of them with the distributions? Kinda goes back to our thoughts on “Crafting the First Mile”, where we should have a few samples “readily available” that new users can play with to learn from. Of course we probably should also resave them as a current pattern version as some are as old as ver 0.3.4.


I probably should note that one needs to create a Github account to download / fork repos… not hard to do, but another good reason we should bundle a few patterns with the apps.

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