How do I use the Union Tool?

I am trying to add lines for folding and notches. I am guessing, since there is nothing in the “manual” (lol) about it, that I use the union tool to lock the details to the pattern piece. When I try to follow the vague prompts I get an error and the file becomes unusable. Many hours wasted drafting a pattern only to have the program crash on the last stages. It kind of pisses me off that it happened.

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The Union Tool is for merging two separate workpieces into one. For folding lines you’d want to use the Piece Path Tool (or Internal Path Tool if you’re using the latest development code). The icon looks like one of the following, depending on your software version:

oldpath or path

I don’t know how you make notches or if you even can, so hopefully someone else can jump in to help you with that.

To add folding lines, you use the ‘Piece Path Tool’: image

To add notches, you do this once you have the details done, then you right-click the notch where you want the mark & click on Passmark. Then you go to the Passmark section & choose the type of mark you’d like:


As for the “manual”… Go to this link:, there is a section on both subjects :slight_smile:

@kd0afk, what version of Valentina are you using? Please click help near the top of the window and “about valentina” from the drop down. A screenshot would be best for you to post. If you can’t easily do a screenshot, please make note of the “Valentina x.x.x.xx” at the top and the “Built on xxx xxx nn nnnn at nn:nn:nn” under the list of contributors. That information would make it easier for someone to help you.

It’s unclear what is meant by “lock the detail to the pattern piece”. Can you provide a step by step description, plus give us the Valentina version and operating system? If possible, create a test pattern up to the step before the crash, and post it here with the next steps that are required to make it fail. The more accurate your description the better we can help.

I’m using the latest version.

I am reading the manual and I’m finding that I need to read the manual more. This topic can be deleted. Thanks for the help guys.


@kd0afk, unfortunately, due to reasons that probably need not concern you the term “latest version” is ambiguous right now. keep on asking questions in the forum, people here are friendly and helpful

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So the check updates button doesn’t give you the latest version? I have the PPA for ubuntu so I think I just have to run an Apt-get to get the latest, right?

what ppa are you using? there is one ppa for the version 5 release. there is another ppa for the development releases which have the latest features but may have some bugs. And yes, once you have the ppa set up,

sudo apt-get update

followed by

sudo apt-get upgrade

will give you the latest version (IF YOU ARE IN THE CORRECT PPA) If you are in the version 5 release PPA, I would be surprised if you got updates.

I happen to use ubuntu myself and I use the development PPA I installed it, as described on the download link, by

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dismine/valentina-dev

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install valentina

YEP, that’s the way it’s done. Thanks

The question is, is that his branch or ours?

The question is, is that his branch or ours?

@KeithFromCanada, for the purposes of describing which ppa(s) are used to load the library updates for valentina under Ubuntu, the answer as of September 18, 735 AM CST is “yes”

the more complete answer is that the instructions will be found on the project page, which is currently and will be presumably renamed when the project is

@kd0afk, it is also important to be mindful of the difference between

the PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dismine/valentina


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dismine/valentina-dev

I mention this because it is a mistake I made a few months ago and I hope you don’t have to make mistakes I have already made. You will then be free to make new improved mistakes :wink:

So it’s… both his and ours? :confused: I can see that the downloads off of the main page point to our repository, but the ppa is for dismine/valentina, not valentinateam/valentina. Who has control of the ppa?

@kd0afk - you happened to join the forum at the same time as a very dramatic fork occurred. We didn’t have time to prepare for this split. The main developer left by creating a fork, then he came back and deleted the original repo. All build info was deleted, so we’re piecing this back together. He continues to read this forum, copies any issues that we add to our issues and creates fixes . In many ways he’s more interested in making a good product now than he was before!

But we will eventually have our own Ubuntu build - that’s @kmf’s goal right now with no distractions or diversions. The Ubuntu build is #1 critical priority.