How join 2 pieces detail from pattern piece A and B etc

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I have a problem with join pieces from pattern A and B. It’s in raglan sleeve.

I have bodice (front and back on construction mesh for baby body) in A and sleeve in B. I need to draw raglan sleeve so I must move pieces next to neck on front and back to top of sleeve. Is it possible?

I found on forum topic with raglan but is different situation.


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We’d like to help you, so please upload your .vit and .val files and/or post some screenshots of the situation. Otherwise we don’t know what to tell you. :slightly_smiling_face: We’re looking forward to seeing what you’re working on!


Hey. Thanks. I’ll send it :slight_smile: I want to do raglan blouse for baby, so I must connect piece of body to top of sleeve.

stanik 4-9mies raglan.vit (1,3 KB)

stanik 4-9mies raglan.val (21,2 KB)

I wonder if there’s a cat (How To OR Newbies?) or some other place we could put a “sticky” post to let new users know to upload their val & vit files when looking for help?


First, draw lines image in the front & back armscyes: image

Then, use the Intersect arcs tool image on the front sleevecap and back sleevecap using the lines you drew in the armscyes. Add curves image for the short segments:

image image


When creating details image, split the sleeve into front and back workpieces: image

Then join image the front shoulder with the front sleeve, and join the back shoulder with the back sleeve: image

Then join image the front half with back half: image


Hey, Thank You :slight_smile: I’m sorry for silence. I did yours directing :slight_smile: It’s done, run and everything is ok.

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