How to add extra lines in final

So my patterns are coming out ok. However I haven’t been able to make ‘extra’ lines visible in the final pattern (unless they are straight using the Inner Path Tool). Lines like: gathering lines that follow a scye, extra folding lines or dart lines inside a piece. Is this possible?

ALSO I would like to be able to name lines while drawing (like ‘Waistline’) and the name be printed in the pattern along with the line. Can that be done? Win10 Seamly2d 2023.12.18.149


You can add extra lines inside the pattern by using the Internal Path tool:


You can change the object label to read “Waistline” but, at the moment, there is no way to include the label in the pattern piece. It has been requested previously but we will have to wait & see. At the moment, I export my patterns to Inkscape (or Illustrator) and add the extra labels there.

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Thanks Grace. I have now also figured out how to create a curve using the internal path tool


Hmmm… You just gave me an brilliant idea. I’ve always had in the back of my mind of adding a “text” tool to place text on pattern pieces. Basically extending the current labels to any number of labels. BUT… think in terms points, where we can define the point as a notch, and when doing so the app draws the circle for the point, and as a child of the point the graphics items for the notch. Well what if we extemd that idea, where we could also show a text graphic at the point? :slight_smile: There could be all kinds of uses… like matching points A-A, and B-B for different parts, … or “lengthen here” along an internal line. “Gather here”… “Cut here”. etc. So basically any point could be the “anchor point” for text - just like you can make any point the anchor for a notch. :slight_smile: And extending it further - Symbols! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: It would be much easier to do, rather than what I had in mind before, where text & symbols would be based on the way the grainline & labels work - which has all the overhead of custom QGraphicItems. This way I’d just be adding the text or symbols to the paitnter path of a point node just like the notches do.



It sounds perfect to me, as long as I can (perhaps) move it slightly towards the inside of the pattern and that it won’t be outside of the pattern or half in & half out.

And, in the case of text, perhaps we can also increase the size of the font? I think that the standard 11p is kinda small for my old eyes :laughing:

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Yeah… that would be some of the details to work out… such as the offset and angle of the text / symbol from the point.

I hear ya. I would think the font size would be another option for text.