How to add markings on inside of pattern?

Hi, I want to show some internal points on my pattern, but I can’t figure out how. As a simple example, imagine that my pattern piece is a rectangle, and I want to mark two dots inside the rectangle to show where pocket placement would go.

I can create the points, but I can’t figure out how to get them to show up in the detail view. Any ideas?

I tried playing around with an internal path, but I don’t want the lines to show and couldn’t find a way around that.


Currently I’m working on adding symbols to pattern pieces. Until then you can fake a Dot (circle) by using the arc tool using the point you want it centered on with a small radius ( 1/8 th inch?) , and using angles from 0 and 360. Then add the arc as an internal path.

BTW… points don’t show in a pattern piece in a (print) layout.