How to approach a code change

I am not writing a comprehensive tutorial here, though I hope this conversation will help me when I do. This topic is for me to share some of what I have done as I get more familiar with making changes to the seamly2d software. I freely admit there are many things where I am not the expert and invite anyone who has a factual correction to something I say, to SAY IT here, publicly.

I have only a moment right now so I will start with this: @Grace this is the new thread I mentioned to you.

2 things you will need to figure out to start if you want to build a copy of the software that is your own “sandbox” - create a fork from the Seamly2d repository in your own name to keep your changes. Decide whether your local machine is capable and whether you can build your copy locally.

I will write more later and feel free to ask questions.

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Hi, thank you :slight_smile: and I will do. My machines are all capable and I can edit my copy locally.

To begin, please read the file which is on the repository. This describes how to interact with the main repository.

It is a good idea for most people to “fork” and create their own copy of the repository to have a place to store code changes during the process of creating changes and testing them. You will also want to read the information on the wiki, especially this page

I am in the process of updating that information, but it is mostly still acurate.

There are other threads on this forum that contain notes of my early attempts to set up a build environment on my local machine. It has been easiest for me to install Qtcreator and use that framework to build and test copies locally before I interact with the repository. I will put more information on how I did that on this thread