How to convert .val for dxf?


I’m a newbie and english is not my first language. Searched and can’t find some post about this:

I need to convert my patterns .val for dxf. Becouse i’m use ‘My Nesting’ a free program for optmization a cutting process, but that software just import archive .dxf.

Someone can help me?


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Hi @Tate

Welcome to the Seamly2D forum.

I’ve never had to export to .dxf, but I’m hoping I can help you.

Once you’ve made your pattern and created the layout, using your paper dimensions, you go to File, Layout, Export As and choose the .dxf type that your software works with:


Choose where you’d like to save it and you’re done :smile:

I hope this helps

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Thanks! To easy i’m so dumb! sorry

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Haha, no, @Tate, not dumb at all. Thank you for asking. A lot of the queries about .dxf are a long time ago and I admit that there’s not much in the wiki on the subject, that I can recall, so to have a recent post on it is very helpful. :slight_smile:


@Tate I don’t tell you now that I had seen that before, thought “Oh, nice, don’t need it at the moment but should write that down” and didn’t remember when you asked :blush: Seems like you’re not the only one who is dumb from time to time :wink: Thank you for the reminder to write that down :slight_smile: