How to create a point on a curve

Im trying to make a point on a curve. I saw the post “how to create passmarks on curves” but it isn’t what I need. In the picture I tried to explain what i need to have. The point is on a 90 degree right angle on the curve with a predetermined distance. To reached that point you have to move the predetermined distance with a right angle untill it touches de curve.

How can I get such a point?



The easiest way would probably be to make a point 6cm out from A38 at a 180° angle, (I’ll call this point SP,) & then use the curve tool “Point intersect curve and axis” (at bottom right of curve tools tab) with the axis going at a 90° angle from “SP”

Hint: Holding Shift while making your points will make your lines snap to the eight cardinal & secondary compass points.

I hope that helps! :unicorn:


Great!! thank you so much