How to delete an element

How can I delete a complete element of pattern , I.e. not see it anymore. Thank you Jeanne

First make a copy of your pattern file, in case you have a problem.

Open the copy and find the origin point of the piece you want to delete. For the first pattern piece this is usually named A. It may be named B, C, or whatever but it will be the first point created in that particular piece. Right click on the point and you will see a pop up menu with “options” or “delete”. Click delete. The entire piece will disappear forever.


Thank you si much, it works.


hello thank you very much for everything you are doing to improve seamly2d. To help my French-speaking students, I am currently testing all the solutions proposed on the forum before translating them. The solution proposed in this post does not always work as you can see on the video.

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@clubcouturemg could you please upload the .vit file and the .val file so that I can reproduce the situation you show in the video. thank you

Circle Skirt Pattern Stage 1.val (3.0 KB) there is no.vit file only a.val file. I took it in this forum, it was posted by Grace on 2017 feb. Thanks

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Clearly I overlooked a “bug” that exists in the software. I believe that you will find the method of deleting the base point WILL work for all pattern pieces except the case where there is only a single piece.

To demonstrate this, please open your file and create a second pattern piece. (the default base point will be B.

After that, use the “pattern piece” (label anglais) box to select pattern piece 1. Once you can again access point “A” you will see that the DELETE action is now available.

In summary, the action of selecting the base point then using the right click menu to delete it works, however it will not work if there is only a single pattern piece. I believe this behaviour is a bug and I will create an issue on GITHUB to document it.

In the interim before it is fixed, please do not rely on this method to delete a whole piece if there is only a single piece in the pattern file. The preferred way in that case would be to delete the whole file (presumably this is what you want, since you are deleting the only piece in the file) and to start over.

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please see GITHUB issue here: Feature: add Delete Draft Block · Issue #195 · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D · GitHub

you right, i tested it now and it’s ok. Thank you

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