How to delete an Internal Path mistake in Details

I was creating internal paths and one escaped, so I created it again. Now I have this arbitrary escaped internal path in details that I just can’t get hold of to delete :frowning:


It also shows on the layout board:


But it doesn’t include it in the layout (luckily), however, it’s making my pattern a bit messy.

Does anyone have any idea how I can delete it, please?

Grace… Open up the detail options… select the Internal Paths. Right click on the path you want to delete. Note you can also change the options of the path here.


One would think you could just select the path and hit delete… sigh

Even bigger … SIGH

Here’s the file… perhaps you can get it right :slight_smile: Circular Table Mats.val (13.6 KB)

What ver did you use? The pattern shows a later version than the last test build, and later than the build I just made a few hours ago from the Git code cloned on thurs nite.

I downloaded the build on the latest this morning…


Ok… What OS?

I just dl’d the most recent Windows ver and it’s 0.6.0301a… you’re showing 0.6.0348a? Even more confusing your pattern is showing version 0.6.2 where the 301a and the build I just made produce version 0.6.0. In other words I can’t open the pattern.

You could make a copy and try and hack the XML… looks like this is a duplicate…

        <path cut="false" id="79" inUse="true" name="Stitching Line 2" type="2" typeLine="dashDotLine">
                <node idObject="78" reverse="1" type="NodeSpline"/>

I’m on Windows 10

And thank you :slight_smile: I’ll try that.

I deleted the bit above and now I get this error:


Thats why I said make a copy.

And I figured out you downloaded Roman’s current ver - not from the Valentina site.

And tada… the path you want to delete is in piece B…You must have made the path, but added it to detail B.

I did

I’m pretty sure I followed a link through the forum, but… I always get confused when I have to start looking for the latest version :frowning:

Aaaaahhhh… thank you. So that’s where it escaped to :slight_smile:

I’ve deleted it. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

That’s why I think the sooner the name can be changed for the project here the less confusion there will be going forward.

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@grace, this problem can occur if an internal line is added to the wrong detail. Can you check that the internal path was added to the detail which “contains” the internal path?

It’s quite a difficult error to explain… I created the internal path & thought I’d added it to piece A, but when I went into the details options, I couldn’t find it. I didn’t notice it at the top, either. So I went & recreated the internal path, which created exactly as I wanted it.

It was only then that I noticed the curve at the top of the drawing board and didn’t know how to get hold of it to delete it until @Douglas found that I’d added it to the B piece detail in error.

When I went into the B piece, it was there and I could deleted it very easily :slight_smile:

Hi @grace,

This appears to be the best method for creating internal paths.

  1. in Draw mode create the detail piece
  2. In Detail Mode name the detail piece.
  3. Return to Draw mode to create, name, & assign the internal path to the named detail piece.

If you don’t name the detail pieces then they’re all named ‘detail’, which causes confusion in selecting a detail in the Internal Path tool’s detail picklist.

This method ensures that the correct internal path has been assigned to the correct detail piece.


I started naming all of the details something that represents the pattern piece it is intended to represent. I have seen at least one person make as single drawing and create 2 or more pattern piece (details) from it. As a matter of fact, the most recent place I saw that was, a tablecloth pattern Grace did

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(Blush) They were all named and labelled. I did that first and only then decided to put in the stitching lines as this is going to be a quilted table mat.

Personally, I think I need a new mouse, this one doesn’t seem to click where I point.

That’s a good story! You should stick with that story! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :

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Another one of my coding whys? Why not just name the detail piece in draw mode as it’s created?

So what would it take to eliminate Details mode and just make details a(nother) layer?

Exactly. Why not?