How to find line through point

Image 003

How would I construct: a square (perpendicular) line from A-A1 through point A4

Here’s what I did. First a drew a helper line (A4-A5) from a4 down on the same angle as A-A1 Then used this line to construct a right angle leftward until it crossed the A-A1 line (ending in an arbitrary length) at A6 Then used the tool ‘intersect line and perpendicular’ to find the crossing point (A7) along line A-A1 Only then I could go ahead and create the square line from A-A1 through A4 (ending arbitrarily at A8) By which time it looked like: Image 004

I hope this can be done more easily. On paper this would be a doddle


I think the image says it all :laughing:

This way, if either A1 or A4 change position, A2 will auto-correct to always be at a right-angle to the line A_A1.


Thank you very much


Yeah… unfortunately it sometimes takes a few steps in the app to get what you need, where it’s simple to draw by hand. It’s like comparing drawing with an Etch-a-sketch vs by hand, where with the former you’re constrained by not being able to pick the pen up.