How to "forbid flipping" vertically in layout?

From my experience, the “forbid flipping” option prevent flipping, but only horizontally.

Is there a way to prevent vertical flipping? I know it does not matter for printing, but I want all my patterns to be upright for presentation purposes.

Butterfly Male M - T-Shirt 240321 [for print].sm2d (35.3 KB) Butterfly Male M.smis (2.5 KB)

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On second thought, the pattern is not flipped but rotated 180°, so the “forbid flipping” option works as intended. Is they any way keep the pattern upright?


I normally arrange my patterns in Piece mode and then export them to SVG and use Inkscape to arrange them manually. This way, I have total control over how the pattern looks when I export it to PDF.

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I recently did that too, and I’m glad that the SVG retain it dimension in Inkscape. I’ll skip the layout mode from now on.

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Good idea. Can you configure Inkscape to split one big layout into several A4-pages? I never did it with Inkscape

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It’s very much a manual approach, which is a pain. But it is possible. I was doing it up until about 3 years ago when I discovered it’s much easier to do in Illustrator.

If you like, I can check how I used to do it. Just let me know, please.