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hello! can someone point me to some setp-by-step information on how to use the group tool? I have a pattern file that contains 5 blocks and i can’t figure out how to hide the ones i don’t want to look at.

Also – is it possible to delete a block once it is made, or only hide it?


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To group objects navigate to the operation tools… select the group tool button - group@2x

Once you’ve activated the group tool - which you can confirm by following the status bar at the bottom… while holding down the Ctrl key, select the objects you want to include in a group. Then press enter. A dialog should pop up to name the group. Once a group has been created it shows up in the Group Manager dock. You can now select to show or hide a group. Currently there is no way to add or delete items from a group… you can delete a group though. Also if you want you can hide point names… either all of them or indivual ones. But thats another topic. :slight_smile:

Yes, and no. You can delete blocks given 1) They’re not the 1st block. 2) The block has no dependencies, ie: no pattern pieces created from it. In such cases you would have to delete any pattern pieces 1st, then delete the block. So how do you delete a block? Simply select the block’s basepoint with the right mouse menu, and if it’s not greyed out select delete. Poof.

Also you can’t show / hide draft blocks - only groups in a block. Each block can have it’s own list of groups. Also only the active block is not greyed out… so in that sense non active blocks are somewhat hidden, or at least less noticeable.


super helpful. thanks!! :grinning: :grinning:

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