How to move, rotate or pivot point or line

Moving this question to its own thread so we can help @AmandaClarice with her specific question from a previous thread: @AmandaClarice, if you could post your pattern and your measurements then we can pinpoint the exact problem.

Thank you kindly for your response. Much appreciated. Would the same principal need to be applied to my current problem. I am having difficulty moving the C13 line to touch the 55mm line. Upon research im confused as how to make the function “move” work as there is little to no information out there. Maybe taking a angled ruler to a paper draft? There is no pivot function. I will draft your bra again from scratch for any missing details forgotten

This is the answer to part of the issue that @AmandaClarice seems to be having. I apologize for not noticing this particular thread and posting on the thread where she asked the initial question. The original question seemed to be about a problem in selecting the object to be moved when using the move tool. If there is an additional problem that my answer below does not address, please do as @slspencer asked and upload the .val and .vit files so someone can help you further.

I have a hint that might help you with the move tool. As with all of the tools, look at the left hand lower corner for the prompt to tell you what to do next.

to use the move tool, you must have at least one object (a line will do) in a pattern piece in draw mode. Click “Operations” to open up that sub menu of tools. Click on the move tool icon (Indicated by the hand drawn red arrow on this screenshot)

In the very bottom left of the main Seamly2d window, you should see a prompt that says select one of more objects… You can click on an object (or objects) to select it, then press the ENTER key to confirm the selection. After that, it should be intuitive to move your mouse pointer until the object is where you want it. There will be additional prompts if you want to define an exact “sticking angle” for the move. A mouse (left) click should stop the movement and display a dialog box. It you are happy with the position, simply click “OK”