How to -- Node tool issue

Hi, I added node tools and hey do appear in Detail Mode but do not appear when printing . Would anyone have an idea why these do not appear in cut view and when printing ? Thanks for your help Jeanne

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HI @picholine, Can you provide screen shots? I’d like to help but I’ll need to know what you are seeing in Detail mode that you would like to see in the Layout.

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Please add your screenshots so we can help you!!!

Hi sispencer thanks for having a look to my problem; here are the screenshots; I probably did something wrong but what ? screenshot%201Screenshot2%20Printing%20view

If you want Passmarks to show up on the final pattern piece.
In Detail mode, right click on your workpiece to open the Options dialog:

  1. Main Path tab: Rightclick point in seamline, check the Passmark box.
  2. Passmarks tab: Select type of passmark

Thank you so much for your answer and your time spent to help others. All the best for you

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