How to properly use "variable table"

I recently attempt to use variable table to store some calculation, referencing values from my block, but all the variables reset to zero when I close or refresh the table.

I read somewhere in this forum that the variable is read first before the block, which may be causing this issue. Is this a bug or true limitation?

If not, what is the proper use of the variable table? What people use it for?

Daiming Female M - Redingote.sm2d (129.4 KB) Daiming Female M.smis (3.6 KB)


It’s a true limitation. What you should do is to use the formula that you use to create the line that you wish to reference, using the measurements in the measurement chart. Then use the variable in the line that you want to use as reference and the variable in the current formula. This way, you’ll have the variable available in both instances and any changes to the measurement chart will automatically update.

In the case of a curve, I’m afraid you will need to use the formula at each instance.

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I use the variable table for a lot of things, especially for things that change depending on the type of garment that I’m making, like ease which will change if you’re creating a dress/blouse, or a light jacket, or a warm winter coat. And then there are certain things that will change by size in different amounts, so, if a bust measurement is 76cm, one may need to add 1cm, but if the bust measurement is 122cm, then you may want to add 2.5cm. In this case, I’d use an if, then, else statement in the variables table.

I think of the variables table as an “in-pattern” extended measurements chart, if that helps :smiley:


Thank! That gives me some idea what to use the table for.