How to select precisely with group tool

Hi there,

I have been making great progress with the software and am attempting to draft my first pattern, a waistcoat jumpsuit. I have drafted the basic front/back bodices and trouser blocks in the same pattern file, and am ready to work on top of the blocks.

In using the Group tool, I find it very difficult to successfully select all the elements.

I have encountered this difficulty which I can’t seem bypass. I am trying to select a shorter solid line (Ts to Tp_) which is laying on top of a dotted, longer guideline (Ts to To), and each time, the tool only selects the dotted, longer guideline. I am attempting to keep all my dotted guidelines in one group, and the simple drafted block in another group.

Relatedly, is there a plan in the future to include the ability to add elements to a group after selection? Or the ability to merge groups? That would be most helpful for my clumsy fingers.

Thank you so much for the help!



Hello @nina_theatticlier

I’d add the longer line to a temporary group if it isn’t already a part of another group and “close the eye” on that group. This will hide the line so that you can select the shorter line.

Yes, @Douglas is working on improvements to the group facility where you will be able to add an instruction directly to a group from the Options. There are also plans to colour code the different groups so that you can identify which group the different parts are in. Some very exciting changes in the pipeline :slight_smile:


Yes… I have plans in the pipeline to improve the groups with a group manager, where the paradigm is a bit different. Instead of creating a group on the fly by selecting objects, you would be able to create any number of groups in the group manager, and assign it a group color, line type or weight. Where the shift really will occur is in how you add objects (tools) to a group… you will able to do that as you create an object in the tool’s dialog - as well as assign the object the group’s color or override that with what ever other color. The thing about that is if you decide to change a group’s color, you dont have to change every object’s color if it uses the group color - it happens automatically. Also within a tool’s dialog you can delete or move the object to another group - which of course if you have “use group color” selected it takes on the destination group color. You will also be able to delete objects in the list of objects in the group manager. Once I figure out the drag & drop stuff I also hope to be abke to just drag a point or curve to a group in the manager… or getting a bit ahead of myself, I want to implement an Objects manager that would be a tree list of objects… where the objects are displayed as to which group they may belong. Just think of Windows file explorer, where each object is a file, and each group is just a folder.


Thank you Grace, that did the trick! :slight_smile:


That’s very exciting indeed! Can’t wait to use it!

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LOL, yes, me neither, and all the other exciting upgrades @Douglas is busy with. :star_struck: