How to use 'curve lengths' in a formula?

I need to use the length of the A11-A9 curve. In the variables window under ‘curve lengths’ there is a value, but I can’t use the name ‘Spl_A11_A9’ anywhere.

Is it possible to use these measurements or are they only displayed informatively ?


I see from your picture that you are trying to edit point A4 to be Spl_A11_A9 distance away from A3. It also appears that you have not been using custom point names. Therefore I deduce that you created point A4 around six steps before Spl_A11_A9. :face_with_monocle:

You cannot use future measurements for past points. There is a very real risk of creating a time-paradox. It’s similar to why you can’t delete points with dependents.

However as A4 appears to have no dependents, it should be perfectly feasible to delete A4 & re-place it with the desired measurements.

The easiest way to see which measurements are available for any given point is to use the formula wizard, (the f(x) button in the property editor,) to construct your formulæ. The Variables window is best used for pattern-specific variables. “These measurements” are, as you say, only displayed informatively there.


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The Variables Table is only for display and it shows all variables. Since you can only use tools created before, the FX Editor on the other hand will only display the Curve Lengths that THAT tool can use.

For example… with this pattern if I try to use the Spl_A_A3 with point A1 the Editor does not display the any curves.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 235320


However if a I create a new point A5… the spline length is available for use.


That being said… it’s usually best to use the FX editor when adding variables, instead of editing the formula by hand.