How to use Min/Max Functions in Increments

Hi there! I’m trying to calculate the min value of the length of 2 lines. I created an increment in the variable table using the min function. It calculated correctly within the UI then I tried to apply to the pattern and it’s now showing an error or value of 0. I’ve unsuccessfully tried each of the following in the formula field.

a) Min(Line1,Line2) b) Min(Line1;Line2) c) Min(Line1:Line2)

What’s the correct syntax to pass multiple arguments in these functions? Thanks in advance! :pray:t5:

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Actually, I just tried this with a few different scenarios, including setting an increment equal to simply Line1. At initial function definition, it works correctly. I checked the Lines tab of the Variables Table and all the values show correctly for the lines. However, once I hit Refresh, it sets to 0 or Error(cm).

I’ve tried playing around a bit more and now when I click the increment, it shows the value 37, but in the table above, the Calculated Column value is 0. Do increments not work well when linked to Lines?

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increments do not really work well as variables to store dynamic values. When the software was implemented, increments were intended to be used as constants


it may be helpful for you to use the search function on this forum to look at past discussions of increments. This post may be helpful How to use conditional formula in increments? and also the syntax of any formulas used in increments can be clarified by knowing that the functionality is implemented based on muparser, see this link:


Thanks so much! Ah I see. I was trying to separate true measurements from calculations stored in variables in the measurement table. I took your advice and searched a bit more for mentions of increments and came across this post Is it expected behavior to not have access to line lengths in the increments?, which was quite helpful to understand that referencing lines in increments could cause complications down the line. I’ll go in a differnt direction. Thanks for your help kmf!

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