How to use "Rotate objects" tutorial

Hi Seamly2D beginners,

for those of you who are interested, I’ve posted a new video on how to use the “rotate objects” tool to reposition front darts. I’ve gone without audio explanations again, maybe I’ll be focused enough n the future to add a decent narration, for now I hope the video is helpful anyway.

If it’s okay with mods, I’ll leave the link here: Slash And Spread darts with Seamly2D - YouTube.

First, I show how to create reference lines to determine a new slash point, as well as my rotation angle. I then continue by picking the points and curves I want to rotate, and after setting them manually, I correct the rotation angle with parameters in order to guarantee a smooth connection of my old and new objects.

I create a new shoulder line and a new dart around my new slash point and its rotated image.