How to use unite pieces to combine two pieces?

Can anyone help me with step by step guide to use unite pieces tool. I don’t know how points need to be selected to unite the pieces.

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Hello and welcome to the Seamly Forum, @EJ1907

Once you pick up the tool, tool tips show in the bottom left of the screen to tell you what is required.

First select the one piece, then the 1st point and the 2nd point (along the line where you want to join on the 2nd piece).

Then select the 2nd piece and the 1st & 2nd points.

Place a checkmark at ‘retain original pieces’ & hit OK.


Please make a backup before using this tool, just in case something goes wrong, so you don’t lose all your work.

It is best if the 2 pieces being joined are next to each other and the 2 lines being joined are at the same angle. If the one is horizontal and the other vertical, you will get an error.

Before uniting the pieces you will need to remove the seam allowances along the joined line.

Orther info

This pattern tool is currently being completely overhauled to be able to mirror pieces, etc. and to make it less likely to crash, as a priority.

Because of this, I normally do the uniting in the drafting, using the Move or Mirror tools (depending on what I wish to do) and then I create the pattern piece.

I hope this helps you.

Also make sure to keep both pieces or it’s likely to lead to the pattern crashing. There will also be issues with the display of any included internal paths. These are a couple of reasons . why I’m working on overhauling the Union tool.


Thanks for your valuable advise. Now I am able to use the tool properly.

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