I can't "Add new pattern piece"

Good afternoon,

I am having problems to move the pattern from “draft” to the “piece” menu. I have done this same process multiple times for garments, but today it won’t let me and I don’t know what can be happening.

I am tracing the pattern of a beret with the arc tool and I have uploaded a multisize size chart for the head contour.

I am attaching the seamly pattern and the sizing chart below if anyone can help me:


Thank you for your help.

Hello, @Esther

The reason is that you probably either didn’t select a node first and/or your circles are going counter clockwisem so when you select them, you need to hold down the shift key to reverse them.



Solved :slight_smile: Thank you very much Grace

In the “workpiece tool” panel by right clicking on “reverse” and it works perfectly.


Once I finish a curve auto reverse feature I’m working on, this will be unnecessary. I got it working when adding a new pattern piece, just need to figure out how to handle inserting a curve as node. I was hoping to remove the whole shift - click and “reverse” in the path list context menu, but there are some cases where it may not be possible to detect which way a curve beeds to go when inserting as a node I will probably need to leave this functionality there.