Icon weirdness

While I was distracted from working on the Seamly wiki, with Seamly2D open so that I’d know what I was writing about, an odd change occurred. The yellow Seamly dock icon turned to the New pattern piece icon:


I just found it amusing, but I guess it is a bug of some kind. I had the “Workpiece Tool” open in its capacity as the Pattern-piece Options dialog, with the Seam allowance tab active. This was the 20200914 Linux AppImage release in Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS

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Again being at a disadvantage as a non Linux user, I’m not sure what I’m looking at? I’d need a bigger picture to have a better idea.

Is this something you can repeat? Or is it going to be another one of those erratic bugs?


Probably another erratic thing, though it did happen again on Saturday. The Dock would be roughly analogous to your taskbar. I keep mine on the right of my screen. So far the only consistencies I have been able to note have been that I had the Workpiece Tool open in some capacity, & the screen has been blacked for energy saving because I’ve been away from my computer, cooking, but even that doesn’t necessarily have direct correlation.

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Yes! I have figured out how to repeat it. It happens every time I get a lock screen with the “Workpiece Tool” dialog open. Not with Preferences, Pattern Properties, Label template editor, Variables table, History, or About Seamly2D. Just Workpiece Tool.

Seamly2D 20201012 Weekly Release Linux AppImage, Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.

Does not happen in 20200730 Release

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Still not a big deal, mostly just a note of weirdness, but also wondering if the information might help suss out what’s going on with a real problem some time.

This was observed while using the 20220411 AppImage in Ubuntu 20:

When leaving Seamly2D alone for a while with the Pattern Preferences or Application Preferences open, the taskbar icon turns to a gear.

When leaving Seamly2D alone for a while with the Piece dialog open, the taskbar icon still turns to a “New Draft Block” icon.

When leaving Seamly2D alone for a while with the calculator open, the taskbar icon turns into a calculator icon.

When leaving Seamly2D alone for a while without one of those open, the taskbar icon returns to the default Seamly2D icon.

The History dialog, & Decimal Chart have no apparent weird effects.


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