Import file from inkscape?

Hello is there a way to import a svg.file from a pattern I already made instead of paint it again in Valentina? Thank you!

Hi @Zwillingsnadel,

Such import doesn’t make any sense. A SVG file is a vector image and Valentina pattern is also a vector image. But this don’t make them equal. Even if Valentina recreate a shape (lines and curves) this will not automatically bring you gradation. And manual fixing your pattern will be almost the same as doing from scratch with more chance of making mistake.

I agree.

It is much easier to do the pattern from scratch, because Valentina is based on formulas and the reverse engineering is almost impossible. SVG file lives with coordination points but Valentina lives with drawing formulas. To create formulas out of coordination points is not an easy path. Sorry

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Okay, good to know. Thank You both!

I agree that trying to convert an SVG to a pattern does not make sense due to the formulas.

instead of importing an SVG or other format as a pattern piece. Could you consider being able to import an SVG, PDF, DXF or similar that could be used as a background. That background could then be scaled so the user could draw the pattern pieces on top. This could be useful especially where patterns have curves we are trying to match.

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You are talking about issue #258. New feature: Tracing Mode.

Thank you. Now I am excited :slight_smile:

Yes, I could use a tracing option very much. It would be much easier to get the right angles and kurves. Is this feature available?

No. Watch issue #258. New feature: Tracing Mode. This issue has low priority for me. And should wait until 0.7.0 or someone who will propose own implementation.

@zwillingsnadel, If you know any C++ programmers (friends, family, coworkers) ask them if they will implement this for you!!!