Importer un fichier

Bonjour, Est il possible d’importer un patrons créer sur un autre logiciel ( LECTRA ou StyleCad par exemple) pour le retravailler sur Steamly2d ? Si oui au quel format doit être le fichier importé ? Merci !


Hi @Gauthier

I’ve never worked on Lectra or StyleCad but I think they use a totally different format for saving patterns. Seamly uses xml.

Currently, there is no way to import a pattern. You can edit the pattern in a line software like Notepad, Wordpad or other that’s designed for the purpose - I use Notepad++ - and copy & paste instructions from one pattern to another, but this is always very risky due to the way that Seamly creates ID numbers for each object.

So if you do decide to play around then I suggest you do so in a copy of a pattern file rather than your favourite basic master pattern.

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No. Due to the parametric design of Seamly2D (with SeamlyMe), the app works in a different way, where points and curves are defined using measurements in the formulas.

That being said, you can however export a Seamly pattern to ASTM DXF that could be used in other systems like Lectra.