Improvement to Curve With Control Points

“Curves with Control Points” is lacking a key design element to make it useful. Currently it starts drawing the line from the first point entered, immediately headed toward the first control point. This causes the curve to look jagged at the ends where other lines approach. In order for the curve to be smoothed with the neighboring curves there needs to be control points outside the start and end so that an approach and departure angle can be established.

Here is what it should look like: ControlPoint --> StartOfLine --> Control Point --> Control Point --> EndOfLine --> ControlPoint

Example of a change in direction between two Bezier curves (A17a3 is where one curve ends and the next curve begins): image

Note the detail where the two curves meet. Because the curves are unaware of entry/departure angles they do not blend together. image

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The smoothness of the curve will depend on the placing of the control points. Here, I have created 2 curves using the Curve With Control Points tool:


Notice that the 1st control point of the 2nd curve is actually extended from the 2nd control point of the 1st curve (:slight_smile: I feel like I’m time travelling again).

If these 2 control points are not aligned at a 180° angle from each other, then yes, you will get a hook in your curve.

Even if the 2nd curve is a normal curve, then you can use a formula to angle the 1st control handle to be the same as the line A8 to A9 plus 180°.

You can lengthen or shorten the control points later or change their angles to get the curve that you want, as long as these 2 curve handles follow onto each other.


The software is not easy to use when it depends so much on formulas to connect one curve to the next. Selecting a leading and tailing control point would be much faster.

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