Is it a version error or is the translation not complete?

Hello everyone, I am very interested in this software, I searched all the way from the name Valentina on the Internet and finally downloaded it. But there is a problem, I have downloaded seamly2d many times, the language I choose is Chinese, but only a small part of the whole software is Chinese, the rest is in English. (I don’t know if the expression is right, because this is translated by software because my English is not very good). I don’t know if there is no localization done or the version is wrong, if the Chinese is not completed, I think I can help seamly2D with the language localization of seamly2D, which is within my ability. :grinning:


Welcome to Seamly! Unfortunately, many of the translations are incomplete. We would love for you to help fix that! The best way is by using QT Linquist & the git repository. @Douglas can provide guidance on using those if you don’t know how, or don’t have a local source of information to guide you.


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The translations are incomplete, which varies from language to language. This is do to several reasons. Since forking from Valentina the app has undergone many changes in the UI which means the translations also need updating.


As @Pneumarian has pointed out the preferred method of translating the apps and measurements (which BTW we just made a lot easier by consolidating the measuremts to a single file per language) is to use Qt’s Linguist app.

I should note that I would hold off for a week or so attempting any translating the current ui as I’m finishing up a redesign of the dialogs and Properties Editor that will make further text changes to the ui.