Is there a way to add pleats?

Hey all,

first of all, thanks for your work on Valentina :heart_decoration:

My problem is: I want to make a pleated part in a pattern. At fashion school, we worked with Assyst to create patterns electronically and it was quite easy to add pleats.

On paper, I have to cut the pattern according to the planned pleats and add the pleats by gluing on additional paper… I wonder, if there is a faster way in Valentina? Or at least is something planned?

Also, if there is no fast way to add pleats, is it at least possible to shift lines in parallel? I’ve discovered “Move objects”, but it is not very exact? :thinking:

Thanks a lot for your help! :heart:

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Welcome here, Nyctophilia :slight_smile:

Yes, there is. The “move objects”-tool is exactly what I would use for that. Just make sure, that the angle you move is the same as the angle of the line 90° to the line you are moving:

In my case A - A1 - A2 was the original triangle, I added a line for the pleat A3 - A4 and moved that and points A1, A2 parallel; along line A - A1 (that’s to say with the same angle).

You can do that with holding the shift key while moving or with writing the right angle into the field “formula” under “angle”. Then it is exact :wink:

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Hi @Nyctophilia! I think what you’re asking for is how to add pleats into an already drafted pattern piece. I’m waiting on my system to recompile our software, or I would show you how to do this with the current tools.

It’s a bit complicated to make pleats until our Tucks and Pleat tool is created:

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@moniaqua Aaaah, the shift-key… definitely helpful :smiley: Thank you very much!

@slspencer Yes, exactly. My basic pattern is done, i added the dividing seams and now i want to insert the pleating in the upper right part as in this sketch: pleats

The description of the Tucks and Pleats Tool sounds exactly like the thing i looked for :joy:

No hurries, I have some other stuff to do in the meanwhile :wink:

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I’m a bit confuzed.?

"New tool: Tucks valentina-project/vpo2#339 to New tool: Tucks #54 to New tool: Tucks #36 ???

We’re trying to move everything away from v related naming. We used a tool made to move issues from one repo to another, but it wasn’t perfect. It closed the old issues, and renumbered them in the new repo! argh. It’s always somethin, which is why this process is taking for frikin ever.

Feeling less confused… LOL