Issue #257: Line Section - Suggestion (dismine/valentina)

New issue 257: Line Section - Suggestion

Andrew Fedor:

Currently, you have 5 major Sections for your tools (i.e.; Point, Line Curve, Arc and Detail) that group tools with similar functions.


  1. From the Line Section: move the “Line between points” tool to the Curve Section and the “Point at line intersection” tool to the Point Section.

  2. Change the name of Line Section to Object Section and add some new tools, for example: a) Text/Label tool b) Square/Rectangle tool c) Circle/Ellipse tool d) Scale tool where a scale showing inches/cm/mm can be placed on the drawing e) Import tool for picture, drawings and other different types of files that can be placed on the drawing.

  3. You may want to combine the Curve and Arc Sections since the tools in them have similar functions.