Issue #259: Draw free curve path point at distance (dismine/valentina)

New issue 259: Draw free curve path point at distance

Felix Ulber:

There is a pattern construction instruction (Mueller and Son) that tells “… draw neckline and extend by 1 cm”.

From the original instruction, unfortunately it is not completely clear if that means to draw a straight line in extension to the curve (like in the example picture) or actually to continue the curved line by a segment of a specific length. Dependent on that there are two different potential procedures:

  • Extend the spline path tool to allow to draw (a) free point(s). Need to measure/lock lenght of this segment cause this is a constraint (see above)
  • Give the possibility to somehow derive the angle of a line (point at distance and angle) from the spline paths’ end curvature (somehow reverse case of issue #233)