Issue #296: Add 'Layout' to left menu under 'Detail' (dismine/valentina)

New issue 296: Add ‘Layout’ to left menu under ‘Detail’

Susan Spencer:

Add ‘Layout’ to left menu, under ‘Detail’

The Layout section in the left menu opens when design is in Layout mode. All other left menu toolsets and sections (Point, Line, Curve, Arc, Detail) are closed up and disabled.

There are no icons in the Layout left menu section. Layout is a blank section showing only the header ‘Layout’. The Layout left menu section reinforces consistency of the user experience. When looking at the left menu, the user sees the Draw tools, Detail section and Layout section at a glance.

The ‘Draw’, ‘Detail’, ‘Layout’ sections are in the Mode picklist in the top menu, are icons in the work menu, and sections in the left menu. This creates a guided user experience, ‘like in an airport’ (thanks for that imagery, Roman!)

This is to improve Valentina’s user experience and workflow.