Issue #297 closed prematurely -print scale

I have gone through all of the steps and begun to print actual patterns to check thee validity and fit. I have created a basic bodice block and it will not print to scale. I have read all about issue 297 which is closed and this seems to be the same problem. I have tried printing (created a layout on A0 and saving it as a tiled PDF then printing the PDF). I have done this both on Ubuntu 16:10 valentina built on Mon Apr 17 2017 at 16:29 and also on Windows 10 valentina built on apr 24 at 8:21:35. The center back measurement is 16". on Ubuntu it prints as 14 1/2". on Windows it prints as 12". Is there a tutorial somewhere that I have missed? I am providing screenshots from the Ubuntu version of Valentina and I can provide the pattern file or other detail if it is useful. I will open another issue if you want me to.

Which program do you use to print PDF? Did you try to print from Valentina?

Also we don’t know your layout settings.

For Ubuntu: I used Okular to print the PDF. I am unable to print directly from valentina. If I select print tiled it prints one blank page. If I select save as tiled PDF it creates a pdf file. That is the file that I printed with Okular. I have several other options for printing PDF. I am willing to use any open source PDF tool out there if you can tell me one that works.

I do not have time to boot windows right now to get you the details on the layout, but I believe they were the same. I am also unable to print directly from valentina on windows.

I think I have found a way to get a printout, which is to “preview tiles pdf” then print from within the preview. Unfortunately, that works for a simple 4x4 square test pattern I made but will not work for my fairly simple pattern (simple bodice with front, back, sleeve pieces). It failed and I have a commitment I have to keep, so I will try more options later. I have spent a lot of time “doing my homework” and reading what others have tried. It may have been solved and documented somewhere on the forum but I have been unable to find it

I had a similar problem, used the “preview tiles” option and printed from there- just as you did. Before it worked I also had to reinitialize my printer- I know its lame to say, but it worked for me. Also to turn a whole PDF into tiles I use PDF-Tiler- Free and works great

What do you know about printer fields? Because now i see them setted very close to 0. How do you think can your printer print such an image? I have big doubts. The posible reason why you have problem with PDF is because Okular do not ignore printer fields and scale whole image to fit printer area. Or make them ignore printer margins or set bigger values when generate a layout.

When I did a search on the term printer fields in the forum, I came up with the topic

Explanation on “create a layout dialog”

where you said:

"dismineLord Commander of the Nights Watch Jan 26

what's means "Field"

Printer fields. Usually printer take some space between edge of sheet and actual printer area an image can be printed."

So I interpret printer fields to be the margin. Are you saying that I should set the exactly at 0? This would be printing without margins. That would make sense.

The question you just asked me was

What do you know about printer fields? Because now i see them setted very close to 0. How do you think can your printer print such an image? I have big doubts.

I am not sure what are the big doubts to which you refer. I set the layout to “ignore fields” and am now able to print a correctly scaled pattern. There are still problems, though. I used preview tiled pdf and printed individual pages. Valentina went “out to lunch”. Here is a screenshot

after 8 minutes, I clicked on the X to close the warning window. This resulted


You know what, i don’t want to continue this discussion. As see it completely useless.


Thank you for the tip. From what I could see, PDF Tiler only works on windows (I assume that because it requires .net). I am looking for a tool that works on Linux.

I’d be interested to see if anyone else has any success in printing straight from Valentina using windows?

If you assume that the term “FIELDS” means MARGINS, this begins to make sense. Printer margins are the non printable area on the paper and is a function of the specific printer and printer driver. The term margins is used in most word processor programs.

In windows, once you have finished in DETAILs mode, click on Layout. Do not click “ignore fields” on the printer setup. Make the fields (margins) big - 1.1 inches or more each for left, right, top, and bottom.

(Yes, I know most home printers will not print paper format A0, but the LAYOUT needs to be that big)

Click OK and let Valentina generate your layout.

At that point, select the File at the top left in Valentina, in the drop down menu, select “Layout”, then select “Preview tiled PDF”

You will get a window that shows you page by page what would be printed on your printer (mine happens to be a Samsung M2020, which you saw in the previous screenshot). At the top right of this preview window is a printer icon. You can click that and print the whole tiled preview or print selected pages