Issue #332: Issue with deleted details and valentina file (dismine/valentina)

New issue 332: Issue with deleted details and valentina file

Matthias Burkhardt:

There seems to be a bug with the detail deletion routine.

If a file has defined details, and all the details are deleted in order to change the construction, there seems to be some “rest” in the file so the user is not able to delete calculation/construction points anymore. See attachment, the original file was “Hose Büro.val”. Loading it, no points, splines etc. can be deleted. After analysing the file, it seems that this is caused by the parts that create dependencies. After removing those parts and only reverting to the original in the valentina file (“Hose Büro fixed.val”), points can again be deleted. So it seems that the detail deletion routine should also remove the parts? or can the error be seen somewhere else?

Responsible: dismi_