Issue #341: i would love a simple manual marker making module (dismine/valentina)

New issue 341: i would love a simple manual marker making module

frederic couzin:

here is how i see a simple manual marker making interface single ply for plotting or single ply cutting.

choose files, choose quantities per size ( if any size available), choose fabric width, choose buffer distance beetween parts.

importing one multiple parts file in dxf ( probably saved in blocks) or ( preferably) aama generates several parts on the repository.

in a first step i would not consider asking (nor filtering) for a fabric but i would display in the part repository above the miniature the fabric name and below the piece name.

then select a part, shoot it with a left mouse slide to the marker left corner, it will go to the further corner where it fits without bouncing back. select another part and shoot again until the marker is full and the repository empty.

display the length of the marker at all times. the number of each part to be placed on the marker decreases as they are placed on the marker, when zero the part is no longer available for selection.

parts get located oriented according to grain line, if any, if no grain line according to greater length allow ie right clicking on a part for free rotation (double right click hold an drag to rotate) and double left clicking for quick rotation clockwise 90 degrees

check overlap is a function that checks before exporting, showing in color the parts overlapping one another

save as marker name

allow the choice of plotting files names and quantities (or marker name) at the end of the marker

allow adding a cross clean cut , straight line across the fabric made of 2 lines coming from the center of the fabric that keeps rolls tidy

export as aama, dxf, hpgl, iso etc…keeping original layers set in the pattern.

in a first step i would ignore the stripes and print issue, but in a second step the fabric could be specified as a grid and the shooting could allow the parts to lay down only where their “button” allows them to lay down, like a magnetic grid, with button on the horizontal or vertical lines ( checkbox to be chosen first for these 2 choices : none = no grid, both = buttons only go on the intersections). This sometimes requires the button to be outside the contour of the part so it can be a little tricky to develop. this would be for later in a first phase buttons should be within the part which fits 95% of the cases.