Issue #455: How do I create a pattern with a hole in it?

New issue 455: How do I create a pattern with a hole in it?

Robin Lilian:

I want to make a piece of clothing designed to be made of one piece of fabric. It has a hole in it (for the head). How do I make this work when making the pattern? pattern.jpg I don’t want it to look like this, which I’m currently getting: patternfail.jpg

Sorry for creating two issues today, but maybe this is a tool that might be nice and is missing right now, or maybe I just overlooked something!

Hi :slight_smile: Did you already receive an answer in the other thread? Because I found out a way to solve the problem in the newest version of Valentina. You take the Internal path tool, which you use like the detail-tool, and then you choose the piece you want to cut the part out and select “Cut on fabric” below. This works perfectly. If you have curves and arcs in that hole, you might have to do a little trick. These often go counterclockwise… so you have to right-klick on the sline or arc and choose “reverse”. I hope I was able to help


@GiuliMilk - Super! Can you post screenshots?