Issue #458: Strange Issue (dismine/valentina)

New issue 458: Strange Issue

David Arnold:

I’ll try to explain with screenshots, as it is a bit mixed up: Initial State: Capture.PNG Initial Output: Capture.PNG

Entropy: Capture.PNG Output after Entropy: Capture.PNG

How can I further help debugging?

Some random extra data: Build Revision e91598 (06.03.2016 @ 20:57:59)

<point id="1001405" mx="-1.67861" splinePath="1000723" length="Spl_C22_X21 - Spl_C22_PQ30b  + SplPath_Z8_A8/2" name="PQ34b" type="cutSplinePath" my="1.33634" color="black"/>
<point id="1001408" mx="-2.19601" splinePath="1000723" length="Spl_C22_X21 - Spl_C22_PQ30a  + SplPath_Z8_A8/2" name="PQ34c" type="cutSplinePath" my="1.3733" color="black"/>
<point id="1002410" firstPoint="1001405" typeLine="hair" mx="1.00437" secondPoint="1001408" length="#PIQ" name="D11" lineColor="blue" type="normal" angle="0" my="0.294655"/>

In modeling for unkown to me reason things got duplicated. (Note same ‘idObject’ as the “D11” point which is part of the malicious group)



            <point id="1002469" idObject="1002410" inUse="false" mx="-1.35606" type="modeling" my="-1.88671"/>

            <point id="1002533" idObject="1002410" inUse="true" mx="1.00437" type="modeling" my="0.294655"/>

Where only the second item is used in details:


                <node idObject="1002531" reverse="1" mx="0" nodeType="Contour" type="NodeSplinePath" my="0"/>
                <node idObject="1002532" mx="0" nodeType="Contour" type="NodePoint" my="0"/>
                <node idObject="1002533" mx="0" nodeType="Contour" type="NodePoint" my="0"/>
                <node idObject="1002534" mx="0" nodeType="Contour" type="NodePoint" my="0"/>

Responsible: dismi_