Issue #502: Can't change point on path curve to another point (dismine/valentina)

New issue 502: Can’t change point on path curve to another point

Holger Pandel:

I describe what I tried to do: After I drew a path curve through some points and made some other modifications to that curve I decided to change one single point of the curve. See image:

  • old point on the curve: Rm1 (point at distance along line)
  • new point: A4 (point at distance along line)

As you can see on the picture, I cannot exchange “Rm1” with “A4” and I don’t really understand why. Could it be because “A4” (internal point id 97) has been created after “Rm1” (internal point id 63) and also after connecting the points to a curve?

BTW, I was indeed able to achieve what I want with a more complex manual edit of the .val file with the help of Notepad++ :wink: but inside Valentina it would have been so much easier…