Issue #529: Use Qt Monkey for automate testing GUI

New issue 529: Use Qt Monkey for automate testing GUI

Roman Telezhynskyi:

Qt Monkey is a tool to automate testing of Qt-based applications (widgets only). It automates creation/modification and running of the tests. Tests are written in Javascript (Qt supported dialect).

Qt Monkey lives here: GitHub - Dushistov/qt_monkey: Tool for testing Qt based applications Article about Qt Monkey (russian) Функциональное тестирование программ на Qt / Habr

All this time we have been using QTest library for testing our code base. But this library not reale good choice for testing GUI.

Unfortunately we don’t have own CI server and depend on available for open source alternatives. This mean we will have problems with installing Qt Monkey. I propose insert Qt Monkey’s code inside our code base and build it when we need testing GUI with CONFIG += testGUI.

Of course here is alternative from cisco QtWebDriver. But using this library will cause for us more pain if we plan to insert it in the source tree.