Issue: Flaw in SeamlyMe, height_waist_back

Hello Everyone, This is my first post. I am new to the group and very excited about learning more about this wonderful software and the possibilities it offers.

I could be wrong about this but I believe I have identified a flaw in the pre-existing formulae in SeamlyMe. I am in the process of entering an exhaustive list of known measurements to create a complete profile of my friend’s measurements. there are several measurements in the list with pre-existing formulae. I found this feature very helpful because it saves time and effort when entering the full list of measurements. I did encounter a problem when I got to measurement A23 Height: Waist Back. this is one of those examples where there is a pre-existing formula, however the formula reads: (height_waist_front - leg_crotch_to_floor). unless I am reading this incorrectly it cannot possibly provide the measurement intended. It seams more appropriate for calculating measurement N07 Rise length front. I understand that I can simply overwrite the formula and enter the actual measurement I took but I would like to use these formulae as often as possible when creating new profiles.

The other problem that arises in this scenario is, the more I try to figure out how I may have misunderstood the formulae, the more I start doubting what I though I already understood. It makes me question the accuracy of my measurements. When I examine the diagrams on my desktop computer I can see details that were not clearly visible in the printed sheets I took to my friends house for our measuring session. I cannot possibly ask my friend to go through the process again as she nearly passed out the first time. I know that these known measurements are a compiled list from all the different methods of pattern drafting and each of the pattern drafting methods have unique techniques for obtaining the measurements. Has anyone made an attempt to compile a list of instructions for obtaining accurate measurements for this extensive hybrid list?

I understand that all pattern drafting methods only use a fraction of these known measurements but I thought it would be interesting and helpful to have at least one example of the entire list in case I wanted to explore new methods or invent a method of my own.

If I am wrong in identifying this flaw, please let me know. I believe in the cause of this project and have faith in its members. I have learned so much from reading previous queries and the thoughtful responses to them.

Best wishes to all. Eric H.


It is true. The formula in this case is incorrect. That fact is a documented issue in the queue to be fixed at some future point. For the time being, the workaround is to delete the formula and enter the measurement.

Thank you for your feedback! Welcome to the forum. We look forward to hearing from you again

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Thanks @Vestris! If you could add this issue to the github issues list

@slspencer @Vestris
This issue has already been documented on GitHub

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Thanks, I always assume the issue is new :neutral_face: